There are many different reasons that prompt parents to seek treatment for their child or adolescent. Here are some common concerns: Aggressive behavior; Social withdraw; Losses or transitions; Divorce and separation; School problems; The birth of a sibling; Difficulties in relationships; Overwhelming feelings (i.e. depression and anxiety); Sudden changes in sleeping, eating, or play; Physical symptoms with no clear medical diagnosis, problems unsuccessfully treated by medication.

Parents seeking therapeutic treatment for their child can call to schedule a consultation. This consultation period allows me to determine the best way to help, to give recommendations and an opportunity to decide together if the relationship is generally workable. It is during this time that I recommend the form of treatment suited to the age and needs of a child, including play therapy, family therapy or individual therapy. In cases where initial consultations do not lead to a therapeutic relationship, I provide appropriate referrals.

In child psychotherapy, I also work regularly together with parents to assess progress and discuss practical strategies for supporting their child’s development. In some cases, referrals can be made to a psychiatrist for medication in conjunction with work in psychotherapy.

The following link provides an overview of my thoughts on Helping Children Grow.